Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You're Welcome, Texas!

As many of you have probably heard, Rachel Banks will be relocating to Austin, Texas, at the beginning of April. Below you can read a letter Rachel wanted us to share with all of her guests. Please join us in wishing her well on her newest journey!
Dear Friends,

I have good and bad news. Let's get the bad over with so we can end on a high note! Bad news is...I'm moving to Austin in April. Probably not what you wanted to read but this is so positive and wonderful for me. I'm moving to create space to start a family. I'm so excited.

I would love to see each and everyone of you before I go. Also,the good news is that when you come see me, I can introduce you to your new Parlor hair stylist. We've some awesome new talent for you. In addition we will prebook your next service and you get 10% off!

See the story ends quite happily. I hope to see you very soon.

Sincerest Gratitude,

Caregiver to your locks


  1. You are leaving us again? UNFAIR. But a least you will miss SXSW. ...nic