Friday, August 27, 2010

NBC Thread at P A R L O R for fashion week!

NBC's fashion blog "Thread" was in  P A R L O R yesterday filming a mannequin getting "done" in the hippest high fashion salon in the East Village"  We are so cool!!!  We will look for the commercial on UTUBE and post when it becomes available!  For now check out their blog ....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Horst Rechelbacher and Minneapolis, my roots...professionally speaking!

We tell our favorite origin myths over and over: We’re proud of our historical contributions to society-at-large, whether it’s the post-funk of Prince, Hubert Humphrey’s impact on the Great Society, or the notoriety Garrison Keillor has brought to life on the 45th parallel. Horst and the early Aveda is another one—he landed here like an alien superbaby in a wheat field and would go on to sell his shampoo empire for $300 million almost 40 years later. But it’s those first two decades that are remarkable, when he was stuck in the middle of nowhere, determined to find out just how beautiful nowhere could be.

For the complete story go to MPLS ST.PAUL Magazine ...The Golden Era of Hairdressing in Minneapolis