Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Parlor in Brooklyn Beauty Squad...

Autumn Whisman
   Autumn has years of haircutting experience behind her and it shows. After receiving her training at the Aveda Institute, she gained years of experience in "The Motor City" before taking New York by storm. She  is now successfully applying her precision, talent and enthusiasm to create beautiful haircuts as well as color at Parlor in Brooklyn!   She is one of our core teachers inspiring our next generation of talent at Parlor.  She is truly one of our greatest assets!!!  In the salon arena she thrives on a steady stream of hair wishes and desires presented by her guests. Using her creative bent she uses color and cutting techniques to transform any hair type into a beautiful masterpiece.  Her rave reviews comment on her ability to really listen.  We love her detailed explanation of technique and tools.  She is very detailed in her explanations of daily home maintenance and a big lover of Aveda. She can even punctuate your look with makeup tips.  She is one of our go to stylists for makeovers with a focus on accentuating your natural beauty!!!

 Liz Martinelli Nikis
 Liz joined the Brooklyn Parlor Beauty Squad shortly after our opening.  She brings with her numerous years of experience in the industry having graduated from the Aveda Institute in Soho in 2004  as well as graduating Magna Cum Laude from Oswego University with a concentration in Wig and Makeup Design.  She furthered her education in a salon infamous for its curly hair techniques.  She is definitely one of our curly hair experts and therefore a favorite with the “Natural Texture” revolution going on right now.  Her work in theatre, television, and film has further developed her knowledge and talent into an extensive array of skills.  See below for her impressive resume!!!
  She is a haircutter with an eye for detail and colorist who can create any look you desire from subtle to stand out!  She is our go to girl as well for wigs, extensions, period hair, bridal updos and more.  Liz has even developed her own set of handmade hair accessories to create the appearance of thicker hair.  She loves to educate and share her knowledge so be ready to complete your Parlor experience with Liz having learned a new trick or two of your own.

Melinda Marki
  Melinda Left her post as Salon Director of a salon on the Lower East Side to help fortify our talent in Brooklyn as we opened our doors on Atlantic Avenue.  She was hand selected from a collection of highly experienced hairdressers for her style, seasoned skills, and love of AVEDA. 
Melinda is a gutsy hair cutter and an artistic colorist which is what makes her one of Gwenn’s haircutter of choice for her own hair!  She listens then she sets to the task of creating or completing your individual style, never afraid to make a big change if you desire one!  More often than not her haircuts and colors are strong and flavored with exacting design. She combines structure and whimsy producing a super well executed shape.
We love how she thinks more outside the box than in, has great style instincts, yet knows it’s you and not her that goes home with the end result. Post creation she peppers in just enough Product 101 so you know the many styling options that are possible and you’re off sporting great hair until she sees you again.  Most of her guests book their next appointment as they leave to be sure to get into her as she is one of our stars!!!

Sarah LeMoine Jones
  Sarah trained at the original Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and is a third-generation hair stylist, along with Parlor owner, founder and sister, Gwenn LeMoine. She has been with Parlor for a decade and a half and is a superlative hairdresser, phenomenal hair colorist with amazing makeup skills to boot. An expert at creating beautiful bridal styles and stunning overall wedding looks it stands to reason that Sarah is also especially adept at transforming her client's overall look, or as one client put it, "she gives a wicked makeover." In high demand, she has been sought after for many events including New York Fashion Week, the DIFFA Chocolate Show as well as The STYLE Network. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley, Genevieve Gorder of HGTV’s Dear Genevieve, Tyler Harcott formerly of the TV show Junkyard Wars,  Laura Marling ( British pop star) and Jill Sobule count among the many famous faces and heads Sarah has styled.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Coney Recovers Hair Styling Fund Raiser a Success!

 P A R L O R   B E A U T Y   S Q U A D   T O   T H E    R E S C U E ! ! ! 

A wonderful day was had by all prepping New Yorkers for the big evening.  Eva, Autumn, and Chris kept busy preparing their guests while our apprentice team tirelessly beautified a crowd of 
 Chutney, Marlo, Jaclyn, Rebecka, and Ashley were our apprentice styling pro's for the day!!!

 Check out our national news feature....
 NBC Nightly News features Parlor's Event
 :)  A special thanks to Sarah Anne Simmons for helping us promote the event on
 Facebook and via email. 
 We couldn't have done it without you!!!