Thursday, April 26, 2012

We wish Erin well on her westward expansion!  We have enjoyed her spirit and contribution here at Parlor as a sweetheart, talented hairdresser, and friend! 

Erin is both hairdresser and painter and it is with an artist's eye that she approaches the craft of haircutting and coloring. During her consultations you can always sense that she lives to create. Erin has a diligent and inquisitive energy while she scrutinizes every detail, always attempting to refine and strengthen her end result. She consistently delivers a look that is both satisfying to her guests and stretches boundaries when desired. A Parlor protégés, she is one of Gwenn's hairdressers of choice for her own hair. Erin has an open minded energy that welcomes collaboration. She combines her artistic strength and your desires, then responds with incredible inspiration.
(as stated on our webpage intorducing her during the time she has been part of our team)

We will miss you Erin as your journey takes you to another place~
Gwenn and The Parlor Beauty Squad!