Friday, December 16, 2011

Parlor's Holiday Style Lab

You are invited to a night of beauty, style, and fun at Parlor!

On Tuesday, January 10th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm Parlor will be hosting an after hours event, the very first of its kind: The Parlor Style Lab.

Learn how to create professional looks at home with tutorials from your favorite Parlor stylist!

We will be showing you all of our tricks of the trade so you can style yourself for a night out on the town. From simple Up-Do techniques, to Bombshell Blowouts, Braiding, Curl and Flat Iron tricks and more! Enjoy a glass of wine during the event and stop by the make-up station at the end of your tutorial to top off your look with a touch of Aveda's fantastic line of make-up.

Tickets to the Style Lab are $20, and all of the proceeds from this fantastic night will be sent to benefit the communities affected by the damages caused Hurricane Irene earlier this year.

Welcome in the New Year with a fantastic benefit to you and the community!

Happy Holidays from Parlor

It’s that time of year, and Parlor has fantastic gift ideas for everyone!
Choose from Aveda gift sets including "Renewed", "Pure Relief", and "Decompress", or create your own! There are so many possibilities, including Aveda skin-care, hair-care, aromatherapy, and the Aveda Men’s line. This year’s most popular items: Aveda Holiday Grounding Candle, and Aveda Brilliant Lip Shine Duo!

In addition, Parlor is giving a gift to you - a $20 complementary gift card for services at Parlor included with every gift item purchased. You will be giving two gifts in one!

Come by and ask a Parlor Beauty Squad member for ideas on how to pamper the ones you love.

See you soon!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Introducing Our Two New Stars: AUTUMN AND COURTNEY!!!

FIRST TIME VISITING PARLOR?  For a limited time, receive a complimentary Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment when receiving a Color service with Courtney or a Haircut with Autumn!

Welcome Autumn: a gifted stylist from Central Michigan with a talent for finding everyone’s best look. A recent resident of New York City, Autumn came to Parlor with 6 years of haircutting experience, and is accustomed to working with all varieties of hair types. Autumn’s clients often comment on her ability to really
listen to them and translate their words into a beautiful masterpiece. Whether your hair is curly or straight, if you’re looking to maintain your awesome look or you’re ready for something brand new, Autumn is the stylist who will find your best look!
Welcome Courtney: a talented and upbeat colorist hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. As a passionate Aveda color specialist, Courtney has become a color visionary, experienced in new color transformations, color correction, natural hair color, as well as artistic hair color. Whether you are looking for healthy maintenance of the color you love, or are looking to fall in love with something new, Courtney will customize a gorgeous color to match your inner beauty!
Hear what other clients are saying about Courtney and Autumn:
“I recently went to Parlour to have some colour correction and root work. The colourist, Courtney, did the most incredible job with my hair. I cannot recommend her enough. I felt so amazing afterwards, and even now over a week later, the tone still looks fantastic after several washes. After years and years of going to different salons all over the world, I have to say that Courtney is the only one that perfected the colour and tone that I have been asking so long for! Go and see her!” ~Angie Arrow

“Always a pleasant experience, I felt very welcomed when I arrived. Autumn took the time to actually listen to me and ask questions. The result was a wonderful haircut I love! Highly recommend going here” ~Anonymous

“When I came to NY from Australia I was a little worried about finding a hairdresser as amazing as my hairdresser back home that I had spent years looking for! I was amazed by Courtney and Autumn at Parlor. They really listened to what I was saying to them about my hair, they were professional but friendly and made sure that I knew how to re- create my salon look at home. I will be back for sure and many of my friends will too!” ~Sarah McCarron

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Want to Start Out Your Week with a Killer Blowdry or Longer Hair?

Announcing Ally on Sundays!!!
We are happy to announce that Alejandra, better known to you and us as "Ally" will now be available for her highly requested blowdries (she's even on Lady Gaga's speed dial list).  She will also be adding a variety of "Extension Services" as well.  She joined The Parlor Beauty Squad with years of experience working with many of the name brand extension companies.  She is completing her quest to locate the best quality and techniques available and we have begun taking reservations for Extentions and Hair Styling on Sunday's with Ally.

For a limited time Extension Consultations will be offered complimentary.  Book your personal consultation and let Ally tell you what she can do for either your hair length or density.  To reserve your time with Ally email us at or feel free to give us a call @ 212-673-5520

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aveda's Safe Alternative to Controversial Keratin Hair StraighteningTreatments

Aveda's Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System is a permanent hair retexturizing system that can be customized for your desired results- straight, straight with body, or redefining tight coarse curls into loose larger curls. This system is a minimum of 74% naturally derived and contains organic botanical such as jojoba oils, meadow foam seed oil and coconut derived conditioners that condition and protect the hair during processing.

I asked one of our "Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System" specialists Amanda Amabile, to answer some questions about the hair smoothing system we use here at Parlor to help control frizz and texture issues the Aveda and Parlor way.  Here is what Amanda had to say...
How does it work?
    The Smooth Infusion system is a ammonium-thioglicolate based product (the same main ingredient in a perm) used with a thermal component; blow dryer, flatiron, or curling iron; to provided desired permanent results.

 Will the hair smell like "perm" after the service?
    The neutralizing treatment contains organic ylang ylang oil to nourish the senses and eliminate post service order.  

How long will the hair be straight?
    Your hair will be straight permanently!  It will remain straight until your hair grows out and until it is removed through having your haircut.  It can be reformed however using this system if you wish it to have a wave pattern replaced. 

How often does it need to be touched up when it grows in?
    It is recommended that there be 3-4" of regrowth in order to ensure accurate retouching. This will take approximately 6-8 months for your hair to grow this much. 

What is the cost of the service?
    The base price of the Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System is $375 for a three hour appointment, this is the amount of time needed for the average guests hair thickness and length. If additional time is needed we charge $150 an hour. The amount of time needed for the service can be discussed during the required consultation with the stylist who is performing the service.

How will I take care of my hair at home?
    Immediately after the service it is recommended that you not wash or wet your hair for 72 hours. Also it is recommended not to tuck the hair behind the ears or use ponytail holders or clips that can crease or put stress on the hair during this time period. Since the system is permanent there will be very little styling time needed. It is recommended to use Aveda's Smooth Infusion shampoo and conditioner for at home care and maintenance. If you have highlighted or colored hair your stylist may recommend a different Aveda Home Hair Care regime.

If you have any further questions and wonder whether you are a good candidate for this hair retexturizing system please contact us to book your personal consultation at 212 673 5520 or

Saturday, June 25, 2011

We Are Looking For Models for Aveda's NEW Smooth Infusion Retexturizng System as well as Katja's August Updo/ Braiding Classes

Every Monday at Parlor is education day.  We typically do instruction in the morning with our apprentices practicing on live models in the afternoon.  They learn from the challenges and surprises they encounter as well as unveiling grand makeovers. 

On Monday July 11th at 11am we are looking for Two models who would like to be part of our class for salon stylists to refine their skills using the New Aveda Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System.  (check out this link for an AVEDA presentation of this new fabulous in salon treatment) As mentioned in previous blog posts this treatment can be used to refine and reform texture or to permanently straighten it. 

Also Monday August 1st as well as Monday August 15th Katja will be demonstrating and teaching updo skills including braiding techniques.  We are offering this opportunity to our salon guests as there is no risk involved only skills to master that everyone can use!

If you are interested please contact us and mention "UPDO MODEL" for further information.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Color Services and Options

The many options with color can be overwhelming to those who are new to the hair coloring world and as well as to fashionistas.   Below is a helpful summary of the many options Parlor offers...  

Single Process Color
1) Demi and Semi-Permanent Color
Semipermanent can be used to "blend away" grey hair.  It will help subdue the grey strands.  The beauty of this choice of color type is the effect on the grey but will gradually wash off.  This will conveniently be when the new (gray infused) hair will begin to present the uncolored roots making it a close match up avoiding the "rooted" look.

2) Permanent Haircoloring
This color can over take any grey hairs and make them the color you choose.  While this color will fade with exposure to sun and other elements it will permanently cover your natural haircolor.

3) Gloss (or Toner)
This is an allover color that is frequently combined with another color service.  Added to highlights when you want to achieve a slightly different hue, a perfect solution for those desiring cool tones, or intense reds.  We also have a sheer "Gloss" to add shine, smoothness, or weight to your hair.

4)  Double Process Coloring
This technique is used when we are trying to remove darkness of any kind from the hair.  This could be used to achieve a "Platinum as in Gwen Stefani" look or if you wish to step down your darkness a shade or two (or three or four).

We categorize these by the amount of highlight coverage of the head 
1) 1/2 Head
Highlights will be strategically added to the front area of the head (including the sideburn area) to just over the crown area.  This is the most commonly done highlight application as it replicates the sun's natural highlights.

2) 3/4 Head Highlight
In addition to the above described "1/2 Head", highlights will additionally be added to the outer nape area.  this helps blend the highlight to the under darkness for those who wear their hair up alot.  This is around 6 to 8 foil packets generally and usually increases the service fee by around $20 from a "half head of highlights".

3) Full Head of Highlights
This application of highlights covers your entire head.  I find this neccessary when the desired look is to change the overall color.  Unlike a natural sunkissed look this will bring you to a new level of lightness.  Some find this only neccessary every third highlight or once a year.  A "full head of highlights" may also be desired to produce more fullness and texture by coloring a larger percentage of hair.  An additional gloss or toner can be nice as well!  The service cost of a Full Highlight vs a Half Head of Highlights is usually another 50% in addition to the stylists service fee for a Half Head of Highlights.  So if your stylists 1/2 Head Highlight is listed as $120.00 their Full Head Highlight would then be around $180, excluding any additional color add ons such as glossing or toning.

4) Area Highlight
This can be used along with an allover color to add dimension or alone for a signature touch of color.  The possibilities are endless with this color technique.

Highlight Add-ons

* Glossing or Toning (adds a hue of color to reduce or enhance tone or simply to add shine)
* Additional color mix-up (priced at $30 for each 20 gram increment)
* Color in between foils (Gray coverage, added depth, etc)
* Extra long or Extra thick hair (Crystal Gale were sorry but it does take longer to foil hair that is halfway down your back)

Definitions of Customizing Techniques
...descriptions by color education company RED CHOCOLATE
 Pamphlet available at Parlor when you receive your complimentary pre color consultation

Color Melting
When just one color won't do, this process melts two or more colors together by overlapping them and blending them together.  As my respected colleague and teacher David Adams says... "Blonde's will look fresh off the beach, reds will rival a tequila sunrise, and browns will resemble a mouthwatering toffee & caramel dessert."  This technique is a great way to get that "Ombre" look!
Shoe Shine
Short hair doesn't mean short on color options.  This process is made just for shorter hair, and it's perfect for those of the male persuasion. Color is applied to foil, and the hair is simply "polish."  Kind of like a pair of shoes - just a little more hairy.
Flying Colors
yet another process for short hair that's also popular with the men folk, Flying Colors applies the color freehand with the comb. On the "fly," if you will.  A completely creative technique that always results in a unique look.
Take any notion of crop circles and toss them out the window.  This process first divides the hair into two or three circles, and then applies either complimentary or contrasting colors to each layer.  The end result is a layered cascading effect that can be as soft or as strong as your appetite dictates.
Color Cleanse
Sometimes its best to erase the hair color history and start with a clean slate.  this process removes the artificial color from your hair and leaves it fresh as a spring daisy.  And that's really fresh.
Color Correction
Not in love with a previous color job?  Not even "like" with it?  Have no fear color correction is here.  This process usually takes two or more services on the same day, and is the best way to shift your shade or tweak your tone.
Thinking of laying down a darker shade?  Consider this the all-important primer.  This process is the essential first step in going dark.
Lighten and Tone
Everyone knows there's a difference between blonde and BLONDE/blonde.  This one's for the latter.  You want to be uber blonde, and you want everyone to know it.  This process lightens the hair and then tones it for the ultimate bomb-shell-ification.  Just be prepared to start having more fun!
Want to lighten up, but not completely?  In this process, your colorists weaves sections of hair out and wraps them in foil with a lighter color.  The end result can be soft and subtle, blending closely with your existing color, or strong and distinct, with head turning, wow inducing contrast.
The "yin" to the highlights "yang".  In this process, your colorist also weaves sections of hair out and wraps them in foil (or not) but this time its to the dark side.  Low lights can be used to tone down blondes, add depth to a style, and even cover up those natural highlights (again, we never say grey).
If highlights and lowlights give you the yawns, get a bolder effect with this process.  Slices are not shy and will proudly display their color definition.  For the thick haired or the curly haired this is a sure fire winner. 
Back - To - Back Slices
This process exactly what it says.  Takes two or more slices and puts them smack dab next to each other with no hair left untouched as a buffer.  Definitely for the more adventurous, this bold dimensional effect demands, and will get, plenty of attention.
So, maybe root to tip isn't your speed.  Then tips might be right up your alley.  This process is a more contemporary approach coloring just the ends of the hair.  Either "tip" your whole head, or use it sparingly to accentuate the line of your cut.  Works like a charm, whether you are straight or curly.

We welcome you to book an appointment for a complimentary consultation.  A member of The Parlor Beauty Squad would love to talk to you about the possibilities for you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

AVEDA's new Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System has arrived!

Most have heard the controversy concerning Brazilian and Japanese treatments using or not using formaldehyde to straighten frizzy texture from hair. Read this article....Formaldehyde Officially On Carcinogen List, Brazilian Blowouts Officially Dangerous.

I want to give a big "Thank You" to AVEDA for developing their own mission aligned version of this treatment.  It is and always has been Aveda's goal to be as organic and natural as possible, ingredients are central to their mission.  I can now let go of my doubts about the toxicity of at least Aveda's treatment to smooth and retexturize our curly or frizzy haired guests.  It has been a concern of mine both for our guests and for the technicians who perform the services.  The AVEDA Smooth Infusion Retexturizing Treatment is a permanent retexturizing treatment that can be used to completely smooth out texture or reform texture into manageable consistent wave or curl. 

I asked Michelle Combs our "In Salon Educator" and Aveda's very own "Purefessional Trainer" to give us her thoughts on the new treatment...

 Lets be honest, I am a skeptic!   That skirt I bought at 75% off? I was convinced it was torn somewhere. My husband says he can fix the bathtub drain? I’ll believe it when I see it. Even when my six year old daughter tells me she can make guacamole with no help from me- I am surprised, astonished even- that she was right. (And that guacamole was pretty darn good.) So when Aveda asked some of us Purefessionals if we would be willing to teach their new Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System, I agreed. Just out of curiosity.

Aveda promised coarse hair to become smooth. Tight curls to become long, straight locks. “Transformation, Recreation. Defying Convention. This is the essence of the Aveda Retexturizing System,” they said. I was skeptical. I had used Kerasmooth Treatments. I have seen the effects of Japanese straight perms, and Brazillian blowouts. Did I approve? Eh, they worked. But something was eating at me. You see, as a Certified Color Trainer for Aveda, and, more recently, a Color Purefessional- I knew exactly what was in Aveda’s color line and how and why it worked. It gave me piece of mind. But these texture treatments? They didn’t explain to me what I wanted- needed- to know, and that was : Just what are you putting in this stuff that I am putting on my guests head, as well as touching and breathing- a lot?

But Aveda did.

Aveda mailed me a workbook that listed every ingredient in the system and what it does, before I was even sent off to learn it. That reeled me in. I was more curious.  They claimed The Aveda Difference, which I learned quickly, was Customized Texture. They said, “Instead of delivering cookie-cutter texture, each system can be customized by the stylist to create a wide range of different textures and give each guest the exact look that they desire.”

And that’s not all. Aveda had “ Other Key Points of Distinction”-

* “The Aveda Retexturizing System uses products made from the most naturally derived ingredients as possible.”

* “Guests experience a permanent change in texture- not temporary results.”

* “ Our products are formulated to protect the hair during processing.”

* “ The use of organic ylang ylang oil eliminates strong post- service odor.”

I had to see it to believe it. I was convinced there had to be something wrong with it. It just sounded too good to be true.  So, I left my family and comfort zone in NYC and spent two days in Pennsylvania immersed in the stuff. Literally. We played with it incessantly. My teacher had an answer for every question, and I had a lot. I really nerded out. I now know that Hydroxyethylcellulose is a thickening agent from various plant sources including cotton. I know that the system contains organic jojoba oil, meadow foam seed oil, and coconut-derived conditioners.

I rode the train home carrying a scary doll head with four quadrants of hair. One glossy stick straight, one straight with admirable volume and body, one with beautiful natural ringlets, and, of course, the last quadrant, that had the unspeakable, frizzy hair to start with, just for comparison. I thought, as I stared out that window of the train, clutching my trophy doll head: “I now have an amazing arsenal of permanent solutions for my texture- challenged guests, (which is just about all of them), just in time for summer.”

And my bags smelled like ylang ylang oil. Sold.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Looking for a haircut demo as a toast to Vidal Sassoon

I am planning a demo for our apprentice and new talent training.  We have our Education/Inspiration workshops every Monday morning and afternoon.  I am looking for women (sometimes men) to match with certain styles I am cutting or coloring to demo for our "New Talent and Apprentices". 

Right now I am really inspired by the Mod Vidal Sassoon era.  By the way.... a documentary about him is being released this Fri February 11th at the Village East Cinema.

My demo is Monday from 11 to 1pm if you know anyonr who is interested send them my way.  They can email me Gwenn at

Check out Aveda tutorials to style texture into a great short haircut!

I love this haircut and the many options it gives for styling.  Thanks to Antoinette Creative Director at Aveda for the great tutorials!

 Antoinette spells it out in nice simple steps.

I especially like this one!  It reminds me of my post punk/beauty school days in the 80's!