Thursday, June 9, 2011

AVEDA's new Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System has arrived!

Most have heard the controversy concerning Brazilian and Japanese treatments using or not using formaldehyde to straighten frizzy texture from hair. Read this article....Formaldehyde Officially On Carcinogen List, Brazilian Blowouts Officially Dangerous.

I want to give a big "Thank You" to AVEDA for developing their own mission aligned version of this treatment.  It is and always has been Aveda's goal to be as organic and natural as possible, ingredients are central to their mission.  I can now let go of my doubts about the toxicity of at least Aveda's treatment to smooth and retexturize our curly or frizzy haired guests.  It has been a concern of mine both for our guests and for the technicians who perform the services.  The AVEDA Smooth Infusion Retexturizing Treatment is a permanent retexturizing treatment that can be used to completely smooth out texture or reform texture into manageable consistent wave or curl. 

I asked Michelle Combs our "In Salon Educator" and Aveda's very own "Purefessional Trainer" to give us her thoughts on the new treatment...

 Lets be honest, I am a skeptic!   That skirt I bought at 75% off? I was convinced it was torn somewhere. My husband says he can fix the bathtub drain? I’ll believe it when I see it. Even when my six year old daughter tells me she can make guacamole with no help from me- I am surprised, astonished even- that she was right. (And that guacamole was pretty darn good.) So when Aveda asked some of us Purefessionals if we would be willing to teach their new Smooth Infusion Retexturizing System, I agreed. Just out of curiosity.

Aveda promised coarse hair to become smooth. Tight curls to become long, straight locks. “Transformation, Recreation. Defying Convention. This is the essence of the Aveda Retexturizing System,” they said. I was skeptical. I had used Kerasmooth Treatments. I have seen the effects of Japanese straight perms, and Brazillian blowouts. Did I approve? Eh, they worked. But something was eating at me. You see, as a Certified Color Trainer for Aveda, and, more recently, a Color Purefessional- I knew exactly what was in Aveda’s color line and how and why it worked. It gave me piece of mind. But these texture treatments? They didn’t explain to me what I wanted- needed- to know, and that was : Just what are you putting in this stuff that I am putting on my guests head, as well as touching and breathing- a lot?

But Aveda did.

Aveda mailed me a workbook that listed every ingredient in the system and what it does, before I was even sent off to learn it. That reeled me in. I was more curious.  They claimed The Aveda Difference, which I learned quickly, was Customized Texture. They said, “Instead of delivering cookie-cutter texture, each system can be customized by the stylist to create a wide range of different textures and give each guest the exact look that they desire.”

And that’s not all. Aveda had “ Other Key Points of Distinction”-

* “The Aveda Retexturizing System uses products made from the most naturally derived ingredients as possible.”

* “Guests experience a permanent change in texture- not temporary results.”

* “ Our products are formulated to protect the hair during processing.”

* “ The use of organic ylang ylang oil eliminates strong post- service odor.”

I had to see it to believe it. I was convinced there had to be something wrong with it. It just sounded too good to be true.  So, I left my family and comfort zone in NYC and spent two days in Pennsylvania immersed in the stuff. Literally. We played with it incessantly. My teacher had an answer for every question, and I had a lot. I really nerded out. I now know that Hydroxyethylcellulose is a thickening agent from various plant sources including cotton. I know that the system contains organic jojoba oil, meadow foam seed oil, and coconut-derived conditioners.

I rode the train home carrying a scary doll head with four quadrants of hair. One glossy stick straight, one straight with admirable volume and body, one with beautiful natural ringlets, and, of course, the last quadrant, that had the unspeakable, frizzy hair to start with, just for comparison. I thought, as I stared out that window of the train, clutching my trophy doll head: “I now have an amazing arsenal of permanent solutions for my texture- challenged guests, (which is just about all of them), just in time for summer.”

And my bags smelled like ylang ylang oil. Sold.


  1. Hello! Thank you for learning about this treatment. I have a HUGE concern about formaldehyde, and only want to use product that is formaldehyde-free. Does Aveda use formaldehyde, or any of its derivatives, in this system? And do you have any "before" and "after" photos of the process?

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  3. Hi,

    Any idea when the ( AVEDA SMOOTH INFUSION RETEXTURIZING TREATMENT) going to be available in salons that carries Aveda brand.
    Rada Ridley,
    birmingham, Al

  4. How long after you do the treatment do you have to wait until washing hair?

  5. I am interested to know what the answer is to the first comment as well. Is there any formaldehyde, methylene glycol, Formalin or any other formaldehyde derivative?

  6. You only need to wait to shampoo for 72 hours to allow the bonds to properly reform and harden. For more info see newer post above by Amanda.

  7. I just got my hair done TODAY at Aveda PDX (school) it took the student 5 hours total but it looks and feels great so far. I can't get it wet for 72 hours but I will update then!!
    -they reported as of now it is not available to the general public because it's so new but it soon will be!

    1. So are you loving it? We have it available to the "general public" presently!!!

  8. when should you color your hair, before or after the treatment?

  9. We recommend coloring your hair a week after generally speaking. If your hair is highlighted and you have outgrowth at the root area I might say before so I can treat all of the hairs porosity equally (using conditioners and buffers) but the treatment can change a color that is deposited in your hair such as reds or grey coverage. In these cases freshening is needed after the treatment. Aveda says this can be done in the same day and we do if it is neccessary but separating the services allows the hair to rejuvenate in between. Please come in for a complimentary consultation for individualized information!

  10. After just getting it done, can I use the Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener on any of the ends that starts puffing up a little bit? Or way to do anything to it for the 72 hours?


  11. This is the best thing I ever had done to my hair! I highly recommend Smooth Infusion. Michelle did a great job when I had it done at Parlor Hair Salon.

  12. How many months should someone wait before they get the Smooth Infusion done again?