Thursday, January 28, 2010


The title of this post was the subject in an email Gwenn received today after a truly fun salon visit! Marjorie Ingall, a long time guest at PARLOR, co-writer for Crystal Renn's recent hit book HUNGRY, contributing writer at SELF, and a columnist at Tablet Mag, decided to challenge Gwenn with an interesting appointment. Marjorie booked an haircut for her mother, Carol, and left the rest up to our fearless Beauty Squad leader!

Carol mentioned that she wanted her cut to resemble Judi Dench's and after a thorough consultation, Gwenn's shears got busy! Carol may have entered PARLOR a little bit skeptical, but left a very happy new client.

As Marjorie went on to rave her in email,
"She looks so great! And I know she had a great time. She thought you were awesome. I'm so so pleased!!!!!!!!! You know how FRAUGHT mother-daughter stuff can be, and that was totally easy and fun for us both. You rule."
Marjorie also attached this picture of her mother and Gwenn... don't they both look so happy?!
Just another great day at the salon. Does anyone out there want to challenge Gwenn next?

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