Monday, July 5, 2010

Bride Carrie Herrara wears a tiera!

I LOVE doing bridal updo's! I find upstyling one of the most creative things a hairdresser does. I relish the feeling of the switch in my brain from left-mode to right-mode as I start whipping the curled tendrils into a "hair-do".

The first step in most of my bridal upstyles is a soft roller set. Once the hair has some movement I back brush the hair to give it structure and form. This stage creates a cushion for the hairpins to lock into.

Next comes the pleasurable switch in the brain from left to right and the hair dance begins. This particular hair style on my dearest friend Carrie was particularly fun for two reasons. One, she has great taste and would enjoy a dramatic style. Two, she has the best hair in the world!!!

Since her hair is abundant the challenge becomes not only getting it up but ensuring it will stay up. I used a pony tail technique featured in Ginger Boyle's "Upstyle" DVD to secure her length in three places. I then looped and secured the hair length with bobby pins in a balanced but scattered fashion. With everything secure and in its final place I nestled in the tiera. Another option would be little flower pins perhaps. It was so secure, she later admitted to sleeping in it the night of the wedding too exhausted from the festivities to take it down. Hmm I hope she didn't look too "scary Carrie" in the morning.

Yours In Service,
Gwenn LeMoine

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