Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Love Makeup!

The whole staff enjoyed having Fawn Monique around PARLOR last Thursday. She stayed busy creating new makeup looks for our guests and even taught a mini workshop for the staff mid-day! We were all so excited to try out her bronzing tips, summer eye shadow applications, and fun pigment-mixing ideas.

Our guests had a great time with her too... Here are some of the comments we overheard at the front desk!

"I feel so pretty!"

"She did such a lovely job. I'm excited to try this at home!"

"I think I found my wedding makeup look!"

As always, the PARLOR Beauty Squad is eager to learn new techniques, try new colors, and become inspired by guest makeup artists. We were so happy to share Fawn Monique for the day with our guests and look forward to her return!

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