Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Cheat Sheet of Ways to Save on Your Hair Expenses

Are you one of the 9.5 % of unemployed, or maybe you’ve been inspired to cut expenses down? At Parlor in New York City, we have come up with a cheat sheet of ways to save on your yearly hair expenses.

SHAMPOO…Down grade from a premium salon shampoo to a standard salon shampoo, notice I said “salon“ shampoo. You want to lighten up your budget not add build -up and cheap waxy ingredients to your hair, which is what drug store brands will bring to you. Most salon shampoos are better all around than the more commercial brands made for the mass market. Salon lines usually have a range from specialty shampoo/conditioner to a general all purpose cleaning and moisturizing set. However if you have special needs this may not be the place to save money. Instead of adding water just when you are down to the bottom add some from the beginning

HAIRCOLOR… if you are covering a sprinkling of grays use a demi permanent color solution. When permanent color needs a touch up you have a strong contrast between the hair that has been colored and the hair that needs to be touched up. With a demi-permanent choice the hair that has been colored is gradually fading off the grey over time leaving behind the look of a highlight. With this highlight next to the new grey you do not see a desperate root boldly peeking out from the scalp rather a blending of the strand.
For those covering a higher concentration of grey… A strategically placed lowlight is the way to go. Remember
Anne Bancroft in The Graduate? Grey but very sexy!!! Embracing grey at a certain age looks so much more confident than covering gray all over.

HAIRCUTS… We encourage slipping in a bang trim between haircuts to keep your haircut looking fresh while getting the most wear for your buck. At $10 to $15 you can stretch the next needed trim by 50%. So instead of getting cut every 6 weeks you could go 9 weeks between full trims and enjoy every minute of it. A full hair cut 4 to 5 times a year instead of 8 (based on a usual routine of six weeks per cut) depending on what fee your hairdresser commands this concept could save around $250 a year. The longest lasting haircut with lots of style has to be a very short, hugging the neck graduated bob. This haircut can grow almost down to the shoulders if funds get tight while carrying a look of purposeful style. It is a myth that short haircuts need to be cut more often, a short haircut that is cut with proper proportion can grow and grow. It’s the incredibly free feeling of daily low maintenance that brings my clients back yearning for a tightening of the shape. I have myself have been wearing this cut and I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to get it cut for four months but I still look the part of a professional hairdresser in the know!

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